Hi, my name is Andrea and I am 19 years old. I am looking for one more ferret to join my family!
? I would prefer a male as they seem to get along the best, but i am okay with a female if she is friendly and loving!
? I have a very large cage with 6 levels that is over 5ft tall. There is lots of space to fit one more fuzzy. I am experienced with ferrets and have all of the things they need to live a happy, spoiled life.
? I have two ferrets of my own already, 1 dark sable female who loves to play and 1 cream roan male who is very cuddly. Both of my carpet sharks love other ferrets and are very friendly.
? If you think you would like to sell or give away a ferret then please message or text me!
?? I am able to pick up and/or meet in person before the sale goes through if you are worried about sending your ferret to a bad home ??
Serious offers only please.